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Proflex Roofing Solutions
Waterproofing Solutions
Floor Protection & Coatings
Dura Quartz Floor Repair
Crete F.I.X. Floor Repair Systems
Anchoring, Joint Sealing &
Asphalt Repairs
Line Marking
Safety Flooring, Non Slip Coatings
& Resin Systems
Ceraguard Hygienic Coating
Metal Repair Systems
Pipe Repair Systems
Wood Adhesive, Wood Repair &
Industrial Foam
Specialist Adhesives
Rubber Systems
Corrosion & Metal Protection
Graffiti Remover, Chewing Gum
Remover & Hand Wipes
Brake Tester Coatings


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  Robex have solved maintenance problems around the World for over twenty-five years.

Whether you require an emergency water-proofing repair compound, that can be applied in wet conditions, a rapid setting concrete repair product, a non slip floor coating or a hygienic wall coating, Robex has a wide range of innovative repair and maintenance products to solve your problem.

All of our Sales Engineers have the expertise to advise on the correct Robex product to solve your problem or if necessary we can manufacture a bespoke product.

We manufacture
At Robex we manufacture the vast majority of our products, which means we have full control over quality.
Robex Contracting
Working alongside our Sales Engineers is our in-house team of contractors who are all experts at applying any Robex product.
Bespoke Products
Should we not have a product on the shelf to resolve your maintenance problem we are happy to manufacture bespoke products and if necessary provide wet or dry samples.

On site support
Our team of Sales Engineers operate throughout the UK and are available to offer help and advice on which products to use.

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